Braid is a new way to share money. Instead of a single account, with Braid you can create multiple groups for short and long-term use cases: an account for you and your grandmother, one for your shared apartment, one for your poker group and one for a six-person festival weekend trip. You can send and request money from individual and group accounts, and assign custom permissions to each group, all from the app. We want to enable new ways to share, save and spend money, together.

You can transfer money in and out of Braid easily, and you'll never need to switch banks. In any group, people don't often share the same primary bank. That's why we designed Braid to work with any bank.

Using Braid is easy:

  • Sign up with your name and bank account information.

  • Create a group account and invite others to join.

  • Assign permissions to your account - who gets to withdraw, the spending cap, who can invite others, who can view transactions. Each account has its own set of custom permissions, giving you more control over shared funds.

  • Send and receive money - from person to person, person to group or group to group

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